Coir Kerala 2017

The Department of Coir Development, Government of Kerala is organising an international event on Kerala coir and natural fibre products – Coir Kerala 2017, from October 05 – 09, 2017 at Alappuzha in Kerala, India. This is the seventh edition of the annual Coir Kerala fair to be held at the EMS Stadium in Alappuzha. The event aims at exploring and expanding the international market for coir products from Kerala and to encourage the use of latest machinery and technology in the coir production sector.

Started in 2011, Coir Kerala has emerged as the biggest, most influential and comprehensive event on coir and natural fibre products, providing ample opportunities for domestic manufacturers and overseas buyers to meet and interact on business, trading, joint ventures, strengthening of existing markets, establishing new markets, transfer of technology and technical know-how and widening of contact base.

An overview

Coir Kerala 2017 will provide a platform to comprehensively evaluate the current global market trends, innovation in application of coir, opportunities and challenges, Research and Development in the field, the future of the natural fibre industry – particularly the coir industry – through National, International Seminars and in-depth Panel Discussions featuring eminent personalities, Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs, Policymakers, Researchers, Academicians and Thinkers representing various spheres of the global natural fibre community, from Countries across the world.

The Coir Kerala 2017 expects participation from leading Companies and Exhibitors and delegates from over 60 Countries and is poised to emerge as the biggest, most influential and comprehensive event on coir and natural fibre products.

Opening a world of opportunity for Coir

Coir Kerala 2017 will be an event aimed at opening a world of opportunity to the Indian coir & natural fibre manufacturers to showcase their best products to the world. It will also provide a platform for buyers, sellers, industry experts, trade bodies, organizations and policy makers to interact, share knowledge, exchange ideas on latest products, display products and services, seek new business and joint venture opportunities and most importantly, to analyse the current market trends, innovation in products and technology and ascertain the future of the industry as a whole.

At a glance:

  • Create opportunities for companies/manufacturers to interact with key personnel from Government as well as private agencies involved in the development and promotion of the coir & natural fibre sector.
  • Perfectly timed to capitalise on the ‘Go Green’ movement and also the growing preference for eco-friendly, natural fibre products around the world as awareness of natural products and their ecological advantages are gaining strength.
  • Enable major trading and retail chains to choose latest designs, exchange ideas on current fashion trends and preferences of customers for coming seasons.
  • Bring together the industry experts and technologists to share and exchange the latest research and technical information on coir.
  • Update on latest Trade Regulations, Government Norms, Policies and Subsidies.

The event will showcase:

  • Expositions by manufacturers
  • Display of latest coir & natural fibre products
  • Value-added range of coir products
  • Latest technologies in coir processing & machinery
  • Wide application of coir and scope of combining it with other natural fibres
  • Innovations in technology and product range for the future
  • Insight into upcoming trends and future markets through comprehensive seminars, discussions and presentation of papers, attended by eminent personalities from various spheres of the industry

Who will participate:

  • Manufacturers, Buyers, Suppliers, Distributors / Agents, Retailers
  • Foreign Companies seeking joint ventures, Manufacturers of Machinery
  • Government Organisations, Associations and Trade Bodies

Event Promotion:

The phenomenal success of all the six editions of Coir Kerala can hugely be attributed to the extensive and effective promotion strategy, which reached out to the global coir and natural fibre industry through pre-event brochures, foreign visits, promotional videos, advertisements – print, hoardings, electronic, radio and web, efficient PR through multi-media, promotional materials, road shows, event-related competitions like spinning and photography contents, inter-school competitions.

Coir Kerala 2017 will be inaugurated on the 5th of October. The following four days shall have panel discussions and interactive talks on various topics like Geotextiles and its applications, innovation in machinery, product diversification viz. composite board, acoustic panel etc. and marketing. Coir Kerala 2017 will also have avenues for professional networking, field visits and one to one interactions. Running parallel will be an exhibition that shall showcase coir products to hundreds of business prospects representing coir industry from over 60 countries.

Why should you attend this event?

  • Understand the emerging trends and opportunities from experts.
  • Familiarize with updates on policy regulations, tax structure and product pricing in India.
  • Identify specific opportunities and challenges during the B2G & G2G meetings.
  • Gain exposure to potential suppliers.
  • Explore avenues for creating joint ventures and thereby revenue escalations.
  • Showcase services and products to the right audience on an international platform.