As part of Coir Kerala 2018, it is proposed to organise an International Seminar and a National Seminar along with the exhibition.
The theme of the seminar is ‘New strategies for Kerala Coir Industry’. The seventh edition of International
and National Seminar of Coir Kerala, following the success of the previous six seminars, is a good opportunity
to investigate the items raised during the roundtable discussion which ended the last edition.

The Seminar aims to make a concrete contribution to our society,
from the scientific community working on novel applications of
natural fibres with special emphasis on coir and in the development
of new ‘green composites’. The most recent trends of research in this
field are aimed at exploiting the principal advantages of natural fibre reinforcements,
such as lightweight, worldwide availability, ease of recycling, sustainability, renewability, thermal
and acoustic insulation and lower manufacturing energy.

This seminar will provide a forum for discussions involving natural fibre users,
leading suppliers, exporters, buyers, engineers, producers, environmentalists, designers, researchers
and technicians from industry and universities to share their experience, to present their latest results,
discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of natural fibres, analyse the state-of-the-art and future applications.
This seminar also aims to find solutions to the existing problems in the coir sector.

Seminar Topics:

1. Coir Composites
2. Use and application of Coir in construction field
3. Product diversification
4. Anti Sea Erosion
5. Coir Geotextiles – Environmental friendly applications
6. Application of Coir Geotextile in MGNREGS
7. Controlled mechanisation and its impact on production of Coir sector
8. Marketing
9. Co-operative sector

The seminar will be held on October 06, 07, 08 & 09, 2017

Venue for International Seminar

Kerala State Coir Machinery Manufacturing Company (KSCMMC)
Factory Main Office
CCSB Road, Chungam

Venue for National Seminar

Main Hall

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